When #camperlife is kind of awful

Living in a confined space, not being able to carry all of the stuff you want to use, using public showers, not knowing where you’re going to stay next – these are all things that could discourage some people from camper life. We really don’t mind them, but the one time we feel that camper life is absolutely awful is when one of us is sick. 

As we left Huntington Beach State Park, SC, we knew that we wanted to head south. We could have camped anywhere between Charleston, SC and Jacksonville, FL, with sight-seeing opportunities galore. But my cough was getting worse, and I wasn’t really feeling up to a lot of sight-seeing, let alone planning our itinerary and researching campgrounds. We ended up booking a place to camp near the Georgia border through an app called Hipcamp, which is basically Airbnb for camping. Our host had full RV hookups in his yard from when his dad used to visit him, and now he hosts campers like us for a small fee.  

If the previous night had been bad, this night was miserable. Despite taking the most promising meds in the “Cold and Flu” aisle, I had coughing fits for hours. I tried to sit upright on the couch area where Loki sleeps, but there was nowhere to rest my head. I microwaved water to drink hoping it would clear my throat. If I were home, I could make tea without bothering anyone and lounge in a recliner in the living room until I fell asleep. In the camper, there is nowhere to go where I won’t bother George or where I could be comfortable. I even contemplated sleeping in the passenger seat in the truck.

Eventually the sun rose, and we packed up and headed closer to town to see if we could get cell service or wifi. After that night, it was plain that we needed an Airbnb so I could just lay around on a pile of pillows and get better. On top of that, we also discovered that condensation was forming under our mattress due to the temperature differential between indoor and outdoor temperatures. It was exacerbated by the lack of insulation in the nose of the camper, where the bed is located. We needed to remove and dry the mattress and come up with some sort of solution to prevent the condensation build up.

We parked the truck and camper on Main Street in Ridgeland and had enough service to research and book an Airbnb in Georgia. Then the dogs needed a walk, so we took a stroll down Main Street. I was delighted by Gopher Tortoise Square, which honored Ridgeland’s history as Gopher Hill (which it was once known as for the abundance of gopher tortoises that used to inhabit it).

By the end of the dog walk, a seafood restaurant named Fiddler’s opened, so we ordered fish and shrimp sandwiches for lunch.

We ate our sandwiches at a small nature preserve access point and headed off to enter the 7th state of our trip for my convalescence and to solve the great condensation conundrum, but more on that next time.

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2 thoughts on “When #camperlife is kind of awful

  1. Oh wow… I just want to bring you some chicken soup and a big couch with lots of blankets and pillows! Feel better and thank you for sharing your amazing journey. All my best to you and George and the dogs!

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