Camper Tour

A slide-in truck camper sits in the bed of a pickup truck
This Camp Lite truck camper by Livin’ Lite will be our home on the road

Welcome to our humble abode! This slide-in truck camper will be our home as we travel across the country. We chose this style camper because it allows us to park in a regular parking spot, has so much more freedom of movement than a tow-behind trailer, and because we can use it with a 4-wheel-drive vehicle, which isn’t an option with camper-vans or motor homes.

The truck camper can stand sturdily on jacks and be removed from the vehicle just by driving the truck out from under it, so if we need to travel somewhere with a height restriction, we can leave the camper at the campsite and just take the truck.

This camper is certainly small compared to most of the RVs you see on the roads, but it has all of the essentials, including a bathroom with a shower, a two-burner stove, a microwave, a refrigerator, and heat and air conditioning. And on rainy days, there’s enough room for everyone (including the pups!) to have their own space inside.

Camper interior photo
Kitchen area on the left looking toward the bed
Cute Pomeranian sitting on a pile of blankets on the bed of the camper
Pippin lost no time getting cozy
A husky peers out the open door of the camper at fall foliage
Loki can’t wait to see what new adventures will wait beyond the camper door
Interior of the camper
Panorama of the interior
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