Frozen in suburbia

After a day in Pennsylvania, we headed south to our second state of the trip: Maryland.  Instead of camping at a park or campground, we drove into the heart of suburbia and parked in our friends’ driveway. It made for a bit of a spectacle, actually, and the camper was the talk of the neighborhood. 

We spent two days visiting, and the guys ended up doing some truck maintenance together. Our truck was showing signs that the starter was going bad, so George and his friend picked up and installed a replacement starter from NAPA (not a sponsor) while I watched Frozen for the first time ever with the kids. (I know, I know. How is it even possible not to have seen it before?) We hadn’t traveled far, but already we appreciated the help and support of good friends on the road. 

Our next stop was to visit a cousin of mine whom we hadn’t seen in a while. It was wonderful meeting his daughter, showing her on a map where in Italy our ancestors came from, and taking a walk along bridal paths to what I think was the Sassafras River.

Beautiful late-day sun over the dock on the river

This part of Maryland was near the border with Delaware, so when we said goodbye to my cousin, we headed to a campground in our third state of the trip: Delaware.

At this point, we made the decision to take a coastal route south. I had really hoped that we could drive through Shenandoah, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the Smokies, but the weather was just too cold for our 3-season camper, so we decided to drive south along the coast to escape the freezing temperatures for good.

As we packed up to leave the campground in Delaware, I drove the truck with the camper for the first time and backed it up between two narrow posts so our sewer hose could reach the drain. I was VERY proud of myself. So proud that I got out and snapped a photo of my handiwork.

I back the truck up into this position between two narrow posts

Unfortunately, someone who was cold and wet and who had to do the emptying of that hose was not so excited…

Not impressed

But we were headed south toward Assateague Island, so there were wild ponies to look forward to! More on that next time.

Ever on!


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  1. You rock driving the trailer and the truck! Unfortunately someone has to take care of the crappy jobs. Look forward to hearing about the warmer destinations to come.

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