The end of the road – for now

As state and national parks close their campgrounds and many communities ask travelers to stay away to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we’ve made the decision to suspend our journey.

We decided this morning to head back to New Jersey where we can stay with family to wait out the storm that has swept over the world.

It’s been an incredible journey (one that I’ve barely scratched the surface of on this blog since I’m behind on my posts), and I’ll continue to post recaps of the places we’ve visited.

We are grateful for the chance to have traveled as far as we have and to have seen and experienced the varied landscapes and cultures of the southern United States.

Three months on the road allowed us to figure out our camper’s quirks and get into a rhythm as we traveled, so we’ll be ready to get back out there when the time is right.

Adventures lie ahead. In the mean-time, we hope all of our friends and family stay healthy and safe.

Ever on.

The truck and camper (and Loki) framed by the epic peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Lone Pine, CA

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Embarking on a year-long road trip across the continental United States

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